Title: Framed Ink: Drawings and Composition for Visual Storytellers

Author: Marcos Mateu-Mestre

Publisher: Titan Publishing

RRP: $34.99

ISBN: 9780857681119

Release Date: April 2011

Pages: 128


This is the ultimate guide to visual storytelling from an author with extensive experience in the movie and comic book industry.


Framed Ink contains comprehensive details on how to create compositions in story boards for movies and comics. The visual presentation and examples of the books help to instruct the reader on how to create the compositions in great detail.

Being written by one of the leaders in the industry at DreamWorks Animation, it has the backing of the success and experience of someone who has actually made in the industry. Mateu’s book helps teach the reader how to tell a story with just the pictures.

Very educational and helpful book.

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