BOOK REVIEW: Actual Size  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title:                      Actual Size
Author:                  Steve Jenkins
Publisher:             Frances Lincoln
RRP:                      $16.95
ISBN:                     9781847801852
Release Date:       April 2011
Pages:                   32


Unique opportunity to measure yourself against animals, such as the jaws of a crocodile and tooth of a great white shark
Sometimes facts and figures are difficult to imagine. Just how big is a crocodile? What about a tiger, or the world's largest spider? Can you imagine a tongue that is two feet long or an eye that is bigger than your head? This book illustrates animals both large and small at their actual size, vividly demonstrating their size in relation to each other . . . and to the reader.
  • Stunning illustrations, including a gatefold, are complemented by more detailed information at the back of the book.
  • New in Paperback
  • "A fascinating picture book." The Sunday Times
About the author
STEVE JENKINS lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, Robin Page, and their three children. Besides writing and illustrating children's books, Steve and his wife run a graphic design studio. His other title for Frances Lincoln is Prehistoric Actual Size.

Ever wondered how big your hand or head is compared to the terrifying jaws of a man eater, such as a crocodile or great white shark? Actual Size can help you work this out without putting your life in great danger. The book is a large format, full colour presentation of the actual size of a variety of creatures, well parts of them anyway.

It is quite amazing to see the real size of creatures, such as the world’s largest spider, and what it looks like in comparison to, say your hand or a basketball that is could almost cover. There were so many pictures that really made you feel quite small in comparison to them. Especially the head of a bear or the eye of a giant squid.

This book would be a ball of fun for the kids or at your next dinner party where you can have quite a few humorous stories about the size of these parts compared to the size of your guest’s parts.

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