BOOK REVIEW: The Wilding  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title:                      The Wilding
Author:                   Maria McCann
Publisher:               Bloomsbury
RRP:                       $19.99
ISBN:                      9780571251780
Release Date:        March 2011
Pages:                   352


In her second novel Maria McCann returns to 17th Century England, where life is struggling to return to normal after the horrific tumult of the Civil War. In the village of Spadboro Jonathan Dymond, a 26-year old cider-maker who lives with his parents, has until now enjoyed a quiet, harmonious existence. As the novel opens, a letter arrives from his uncle with a desperate request to speak with his father. When his father returns from the visit the next day, all he can say is that Jonathan's uncle has died. Then Jonathan finds a fragment of the letter in the family orchard, with talk of inheritance and vengeance. He resolves to unravel the mystery at the heart of his family - a mystery which will eventually threaten the lives and happiness of Jonathan and all those he holds dear.

I loved this book. The storyline winds around a very naive land owner’s son in 1672, just after the last English Civil War.

Jonathan Dymond is the heir very protective parents and his and his innocent is charming and entertaining. Jonathan journey of discovery and maturity is intriguing. I had trouble putting the book down.

Jonathan unfolds secrets that his parents wished could be buried forever. Maria has done eve a great job in telling the story of Jonathan and his family.

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