Saturday, April 9, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Australian True Crime: Killer In The Family

Title: Killer In The Family

Author: Lindy Cameron & Fin J Ross
Publisher: Five Mile Press

RRP: $19.95

ISBN: 9781742486338

Release Date: February 2011


Killer in the Family details 19 cases where families have been torn apart by murder and explores why people kill their loved ones. It describes the spiralling trauma that is unleashed within families when the unthinkable happens.


This book is in the Australian True Crime series by Five Mile Press and written by one of the most recognised authorities on Australia’s worst criminals and serial killers. If you are interested in true crime books then this one will appeal to you. It is written with a great deal of research and depth, apparent by the explicit details of the crimes, criminals and victims.

This book looks at crimes committed by those close or at least known by the victim. Starting the book is the statistical research of these types of crimes in Australia 5226 in the seventeen years to 2006 - 5617 victims and 5743 offenders. It is amazing how many people are killed by someone they know or thought they were close to.

One of the points of research taken by the authors are the background and build up to these crimes, and the impact of the horrific events ending with the capture and sentencing of the killer.

The range of crimes covered in this book are broken down into common areas - Father's Day, Suffer the Little Children, Women Who Kill, Children Who Kill, Men Who Kill, Families Who Die and The Hit List.

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