BOOK REVIEW: Crime Investigation Australia Book 1 and 2  

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Title: Crime Investigation Australia Book 1 and 2

Author: Ian Parry-Okeden

Publisher: Five Mile Press

RRP: $29.95

ISBN: 9781742484129

Release Date: March 2011


From the Backpacker murders to the Bega Schoolgirls slayings, Crime Investigation Australia explores some of the nation’s most shocking crimes using expert sources.

Using testimony from the key detectives, witnesses and victims’ family members, Ian Parry-Okeden covers the:

• Anita Cobby murder

• Beaumont Children mystery

• Greenough Family massacre

• Bondi ‘Gay murders’

• Norfolk Island Murder

• Wanda Beach murders

• crimes of Eric Edgar Cooke, the Night Caller

• Kim Barry murder

• John Wayne Glover, the granny killer

• and many other terrible crimes.

As well as expertly researched text, there are 16 pages of photos within.

Crime Investigation Australia 2: Volume two of Ian Parry-Okeden’s Crime Investigation Australia continues to probe Australia’s most shocking crimes.

Some of the cases included are:

• the Snowtown Serial Murders: aka ‘The Bodies In The Barrels’

• the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe

• Thrill Kill: the Janine Balding Murder

• the assassination of John Newman

• ‘Buried Alive’: the Reid-Luckman Murder

• the Homestead Murders

• the Mornington Monster: John Myles Sharpe

• Shoot To Kill: Michael Kanaan.

Just like the TV show hosted by Steve Liebmann, CIA’s “just-the-facts method gives us criminality, violence, gritty realism, horror and psychopathology” (The Australian).


Crime Investigation Australia Book 1 and Book 2 are both written based on the television show of the same name. Each of the books covers some of the horrific crimes that shook the nation over the last few decades.

If you like the series then the additional information and research behind these two books will appeal to your desire to understand more behind the criminals covered during the seasons of the show. While some people steer clear of True Crime books feeling that all they do is give attention to these cold hearted killers, many read them to understand the depraved minds and try and use the information to avoid ever becoming a victim themselves.

Book two of the critically acclaimed series Crime Investigation Australia continues the tradition of matter-of-fact reporting on our nation's most shocking crimes that so attracted viewers to the show hosted by Steve Liebmann. Featuring the same meticulous attention to detail and driven by the same desire to chronicle these horrific events in their entirety, the reader is again immersed in the recollections of detectives and witnesses, examining the records of forensic investigators and reliving the terror of unfortunate victims.

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