Saturday, April 9, 2011

BOOK REVIEW:The Seventh Wave

Title: The Seventh Wave

Author: Paul Garrety

Publisher: Harper Collins

RRP: $22.99

ISBN: 9780732291549

Release Date: February 2011



The Plate, the thief, the supernatural ... strange things happen when you least expect it.

An ancient alien artefact, the Plate, has been stolen from Helix and its members almost destroyed by The Club.

Callum is barely hours ahead of the unknown forces trying to kill him when he is caught up in the occult world of Helix. Battling a deadly army of The Club′s assassins, vampires and sorcerous Robes, Callum must work out who he can trust in a world he no longer recognises. There can only be one winner.

If Callum loses so do we all ...

Callum is a high tech thief with survivor guilt.

Maggy is a free lance journo with attitude.

Only Freda knows they’re both latents – magicians in waiting- and will be all that stand between order and chaos.

Following a pandemic that neutralises Helix’s powers Callum’s latent talent must be activated to prevent an artefact, the Plate, from falling back into the hands of Sebastian Cervantes. The Plate is the only means of capturing the seventh energetic wave that is rapidly approaching the Earth.

Embedded within the wave are the spirits of Cervantes’s ancient race who plan to possess the bodies of the world’s top business, media and civil servants. If the wave hits Cervantes and his kind will assume global power—overnight.

Callum, together with Samantha and Freda - Helix’s only surviving hedge witch – must battle Cervantes’s vast resources across the physical as well as the metaphysical levels in a desperate race to maintain the balance and protect the Plate.

In their path will be sorcerous Robes, vampiric demons and their own inherent weaknesses but if they fail so do we all.


The Seventh Wave is a first novel for debut author Paul Garrety, written in the sci-fi genre, with a touch of humour and mystery. Garrety writes a tight story with plenty of action and thrills to keep the pages turning quite rapidly.

I liked the mix of the supernatural elements mixed in with both the mundane and futuristic elements, it made the writing quite unique and fresh.

Will be keeping an eye out for future books by this author.

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