Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Title: Mystery

Author: Jonathan Kellerman

Publisher: Headline

RRP: $32.99

ISBN: 9780755374472

Release Date: April 2011

Pages: 320


Kellerman returns with his best Alex Delaware novel yet.

In a glamorous area of Los Angeles, the Beverley Fauborg hotel is about to close for good. Psychologist Alex Delaware and his girlfriend Robin are making a farewell visit to the hotel bar when one patron in particular grabs their attention a beautiful but aloof young woman dressed all in white.

Two days later, Alex is called in on a murder case and is shocked when he recognises the victim as the woman in white. Discovering her true identity is not going to be easy though and, Milo's investigation into the girl nicknamed 'Mystery' leads him to the darkest of secrets in the highest of places.


Jonathan Kellerman is one of the world's most popular authors. He has brought his expertise as a clinical psychologist to more than thirty bestselling crime novels, including the Alex Delaware series. He has won the Goldwyn, Edgar, and Anthony awards and has been nominated for a Shamus Award.

Previous Books:

Deception (A fmt, 10/10); Bad Love; Billy Straight; Blood Test; Bones; Butcher's Theatre; Capital Crimes; Clinic; Cold Heart; Conspiracy Club; Devil's Waltz; Doctor Death; Evidence; Flesh and Blood; Monster; Murder Book; Over the Edge; Private Eyes; Self-Defence; Silent Partner; Survival of the Fittest; Therapy; Time Bomb; True Detectives; Twisted; Web; When the Bough Breaks


Mystery is the twenty-sixth book in the Alex Delaware series of crime novels by author Jonathan Kellerman. After reaching over twenty books in a series, you can pretty much guarantee that the style format and plot will be consistent and tight. The main themes within this book are internet dating and identity theft.

Delaware and his longstanding detective partner, Milo Sturgis, set out to solve the crime behind a murdered internet dating woman, who they see at a restaurant Fauborg. The story then continues on in the true whodunit style until the very end. There is a surprising twist at the end that will surprise most readers, even the long time readers of Kellerman.

Mystery is true to Kellerman ‘sform of writing and the extensive research into the police procedures is evident with the depth of the details within the story. Delaware is written as psychologist with great authority as this is Kellerman’s background. The answers and analysis that the character does in his crime solving duties rings true and shows a great insight into the criminal mind.

While being a crime story, Kellerman does have a sense of humour and laces the novel with this at appropriate times throughout the story, making the characters seem believable.

True Kellerman style, if you like him, you’ll like this book.

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