Title: Macarons Authentic French Cookie Recipes That You Can Make at Home

Author: Cecile Cannone

Publisher: Ulysses Press

RRP: $24.99

ISBN: 9781569758205

Release Date: February 2011



Macarons, the adorable sandwich-like treats which capture the whimsy and elegance of Paris, have exploded in popularity and have been declared by many to be the hottest dessert since the cupcake.

But the secrets of making perfect macarons have long eluded home bakers - until now!


The book begins with a short overview of the ingredients and equipment used in the recipes. Then, it moves on to the shells. There is a recipe for a French meringue and an Italian meringue shell. Both of the shell recipes are spread over a few pages, and several of the steps in the shell recipes are pictured. The ingredients in the recipes are listed both by weight and by volume. There is also a problem and solution section.

The book has two recipes for the shell (the cookie part of the sandwich). I used the french meringue recipe for the shell, and it was very successful and distinctly easier than the method I used previously.

If you’ve never tried making macarons before then this book is a good book to start with.

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