BOOK REVIEW: Jane Austen: An Illustrated Treasury  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title: Jane Austen: An Illustrated Treasury

Author: Rebecca Dickson

Publisher: The Five Mile Press

RRP: $34.95

ISBN: 9781742481579

Release Date: April 2011



Jane Austen: An Illustrated Treasury takes you inside the author’s world –the hardships she faced, the loves she lost, and the keen sense of irony that kept her going. Fully illustrated with Regency-era artwork, this lovely companion contains removable memorabilia including handwritten letters, drafts and more to explain key aspects of life in Austen’s time.


Jane Austen - An Illustrated Treasury is a delight for any fan of Ms Austen. Though not much is known about Jane Austen's real persona, we do get insights into her life through sketches and correspondences exchanged during her lifetime. The book begins with an introduction that provides a brief biography and also explores the ageless appeal of Austen's works. The book is gorgeously illustrated with Regency-inspired artwork throughout, photographs of Austen residences,illustrations from Austen's works, and most significantly, removable reproductions of important documents such as: selected pages from Jane Austen's Juvenilia, a letter from Jane to her sister Cassandra, full-color illustrations by Hugh Thomson from a 19th century edition of Pride and Prejudice, a hollow-cut silhouette of Jane Austen c 1810-1815, sketch of Jane Austen by her sister Cassandra c 1810, watercolor of Jane, a handwritten letter from Jane to her niece, a handwritten page from Ch 11 of the original manuscript of Persuasion,and a letter from Jane to her brother Frank.

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