BOOK REVIEW: Avatar: Collector’s Vault 3D  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title: Avatar: Collector’s Vault 3D


Publisher: Titan Books

RRP: $79.99

ISBN: 9780794832674

Release Date: April 2011


This is the ultimate companion to the most successful film of all time! James Cameron’s Avatar Collector’s Vault 3D is quite literally an in-depth guide to the world of Pandora, and comes with 3D glasses, photos and more than 60 special features and removable pieces.


Everyone has seen or at least heard about James Cameron’s Avatar. This boxed set has a great collection of images that can be viewed with the 3D glasses accompanying the book. Many of the images presented in the 3D format are straight out of the movie and just as brilliant as the scenes from the flick. They stick out of the book like they are realistic models and not a picture.

While the set costs $79, it would really appeal to the younger audience with the bits and pieces that are interactive and can be taken out of the box and used.

Fantastic presentation and display.

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