BOOK REVIEW: Lenore: Cooties  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title: Lenore: Cooties

Author: Roman Dirge

Publisher: Titan Books


ISBN: 9781848562721

Release Date: Nov 2010

Pages: 120


Product Description

Take a trip into the dark, surreal world of a little dead girl with a knack for (often) unintentional mayhem!

Lenore might only be small, but her talent for mischief — and occasional wanton destruction — is anything but. Witness the mayhem that ensues when Lenore and friends are attacked by a gaggle of vicious militant mice, and cower in the face of an assault by undead German soldiers from Hell! Never has the term ‘something for everyone’ seemed more sinister and bizarre.

About the Author

Roman Dirge created Lenore in 1992 for the San Diego alternative magazine Xenophobe. In 1997 he launched the Lenore comic in the US, which quickly became a publishing phenomenon. Currently Roman is working on new Lenore adventures, as well as new character Samurai Sloth.


For some, comics are only for kids or nerds. But one look at Lenore will change that opinion forever. Lenore:Cooties is the third book in the series by Roman Dirge. This adventurous and trouble making little girl brings a whole new life to being undead. Not to mention Ruga Muffin, her stuffed vampire. Yeah, that’s right as he was turned into a toy when she resurrected him. The humour in this comic is evident on many levels so there’s subtle jokes that the older reader will get that will go over the YA audience, making it appropriate for all ages.

If you love dark humour then you’ll enjoy this graphic novel immensely.

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