POETRY: A Napse in Time by Jad Sheikali  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Rich, dark brown leather patiently awaits me,
day in and day out with unfaltering loyalty.
That old couch and its jealous ways,
greedily hoarding my attention for itself.
Even if just for fifteen minutes.
Well maybe twenty .Twenty-five.
Five more, just five more minutes.

A daily ritual, my afternoon nap provides an escape from the hectic day.
A time when I can turn off the engine and pull up the brake,
allowing blank thoughts to enter my mind.
Maybe my stress and anxiety had also retired momentarily.
Even for just half an hour. Or maybe a full hour.
Oh, it’s still raining outside, better make it two hours.

It’s not a leisurely activity but a therapeutic one.
Sores and aches melt away like an ice sculpture in Hawaii
and responsibilities burrow themselves into the sandy beach,
leaving me floating calmly atop the current,
oblivious to the fate of my woes.

I’ll make my way back to land in a few hours.
Maybe three or four, could spare five.
What’s the big rush anyways?

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