POETRY: Dreamstress Jad Sheikali  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Moist, velvet lips press firmly against my forehead.
Her dainty chin brushes against the bridge of my nose as she lowers
her face inches from mine, body pinned against my chest.
Her longing green eyes, staring deeply into my heart.

We disappear into an ocean of silk sheets and pillows,
our bodies flowing in perfect unison.
I whisper softly into her ear, kissing her neck and shoulders as I pull back.
Her longing green eyes, urging me to take control.

I wrap my arms firmly around her torso and slowly lay her on her back.
With my nervous hand I brush her long brown bangs behind her ears,
my other hand exploring her smooth, flawless skin.
Her longing green eyes, inviting and innocent.

Intense sensations begin to overcome her body,
her breath bouncing off my neck faster and faster.
An eruption of ecstasy momentarily leaves her paralyzed.
Her longing green eyes, relieved and exhausted.

I turn away from her. Need to get back to sleep.
For tomorrow I will wake up next to my lover,
and her longing brown eyes.

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