BOOK REVIEW: Powerful Watercolor Landscapes  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title: Powerful Watercolor Landscapes

Author: Catherine Gill

Publisher: North Light

RRP: $34.99

ISBN: 9781600619496

Release Date: April 2011

Pages: 160


This title helps readers learn to create impressive watercolour landscapes by focusing on basic design strategies as taught through a series of 'power tools'. Instructional diagrams, mini demonstrations, finished paintings with callouts, and fun interactive exercises make these tools easy to follow and apply. Three to four full finished painting step-by-step demonstrations help readers see how to put all these tools to use.


Powerful Watercolour Landscapes is a great book for the budding artist starting out in watercolour painting. While landscapes may appear to be quite simple and a basic image to begin with, there are many tips in this book that help the reader learn how to add that special something to their painting to make them stand out.

The book is broken down into steps, or chapters to teach a new technique used in creating a finished landscape. Each lesson is structured to help the beginner gain a sound knowledge of the skills in preparation for the complete projects at the end of the book.

Excellent book for learning how to paint great watercolour landscapes with a difference.

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