BOOK REVIE: Spirit of The Sword  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title: Spirit of The Sword

Author: Steve Shackleford

Publisher: Krause Publications

RRP: $29.99

ISBN: 9781440211560

Release Date: February 2011

Pages: 240


In Spirit of the Sword you will go through a stunning visual journey of the history of the simplest and greatest weapon ever devised. Whether you're a historian, collector or enthusiast you will get everything from fascinating information on the history of swords from around the world to the helpful tips on collection and displaying swords in this book.


Spirit of the Sword is a great visual history of the art and craft of both the making of swords and the wielders of them. Shackleford looks back over the ages at the various forms of this simple weapon and details the history of them in the various countries and armies.

The excellent full colour photographs really add that special something to the book, giving the reader a spectacular reference base to view along with the historical details.

If you are into medieval life, role-play games such as Dungeons and Dragons etc, then you will find this book extremely interesting. With the stunning photos, it is also a great book for any artists wanting a reference base for swordfights and poses.

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