Friday, March 4, 2011

POETRY: My Angel By Steven Barnes

I live a life of evil

Cursing, screaming and sin

I’m lost in the darkness

My soul begging for light

So to answer my parent’s prayers

God sent you

An Angel

To lead me on the right path

Your words of compassion are what I need

Your happy sprit guides me

You support saves me

Like a shepherd you lead your sheep

Yet there are times where the sinful help the holy

You’ve been down before

You loved him

You thought he loved you

But he only saw you as a fun toy to play with

You leaned on me and thought you was using me

But I never thought that

I never will think that

The words I said that day lifted you up

Now you soar high again

Where you’ll stay

Yet you’re not perfect

You cuss a little

You’re a little cold

But not even angels are perfect

And nothing will change my opinion of you

So time marches on

Some things change

Some stay the same

There is one thing that will always stay the same

Our bond

As friends we love each other

Besides divine intervention

Nothing will break the pact we have

Even if you hurt me to the point of no return

I’ll always feel the same way

This poem might not be enough

To show you how great it feels to have you in my life

But I’ll try each and every day

No matter what happens I’ll stay true to you

Even if ever thing on the planet hates you

Even if Devil himself sends his demons to hunt you

Even if I could become a hero to abandon you

I’ll die a villain to protect you

So my angel

How will you marvel me in the future?

I can only dream of how you will help me in the future

And I can’t wait until that day comes

But if that day never comes

If I die tomorrow and never see you again

This poem will be a record of our bond

Our legacy for others to learn from

Then again

It might not survive

If it doesn’t I want you to know

You’ll always be

My Angel

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