Saturday, March 5, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Zombie Apocalypse

Title: Zombie Apocalypse

Author: Stephen Jones

Publisher: Running Press


ISBN: 9780762440016

Release Date: Dec 2010

Pages: 512


A collection of stories on a single theme: worldwide calamity has lead to an outbreak of zombies! Disaster and chaos reign, and over the course of a year from initial outbreak, the stories recount planes full of zombies, travel restrictions too late to save Europe, and zombies come to LA. Written to appear as factual accounts, these zombie stories will have your blood running cold!

About the Author

Stephen Jones is one of Britain’s most acclaimed horror anthologists, and winner of three World Fantasy Awards, four Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Awards, and three International Horror Guild Awards. His other collections include The Mammoth Book of Terror, The Mammoth Book of Vampire, and The Mammoth Book of Best of Best New Horror. He lives in London, UK.


This book is a very unique and exciting concept. Rather than just having a number of short pieces of unrelated fictional stories with a zombie theme, Jones has gone for a seamless stream of shorts from dozens of authors in various formats. There are diary notes, blog postings, handwritten notes, text messages, media transcripts, tweets and much more, making up the overall storyline.

It must have been a mammoth task to source the dozens of writers willing to base short snippets around a Zombie plague caused by the release of the Black Death burial ground under the Church grounds in Blackheath, UK.

Overall, I found this to be one of the most original and entertaining Zombie books I’ve read lately. I loved the way it was joined together from the views of survivors scattered around the UK. It was also brilliant in its originality with survivors trying to live a normal life while a Zombie plague was slowly taking hold of the country.

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