Saturday, March 5, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Pattern and Palette Sourcebook 4

Title: Pattern and Palette Sourcebook 4

Author: Kathie Alexander & Harvey Rayner

Publisher: Rockport

RRP: $49.99

ISBN: 9781592536047

Release Date: Feb 2011


Pattern & Palette

Sourcebook 4 is an invaluable tool for art directors, designers and students working in the fashion, product and graphic design fields, illuminating the dramatic effect colours have in design, page after colourful page of 1,000 original patterns. It includes an interactive CD-Rom with copyrightfree vector files for all patterns.


This book is the next volume of the Rockport designer’s colour and pattern reference book. It contains numerous patterns and combinations of colour palettes, also on a CD that is copyright free.

Pattern and Palette Sourcebook 4 is an invaluable tool for art students, designers and art directors, with hundreds of geometrical vector files and full page images of each pattern to give the reader an excellent idea of what possibilities are available, not just with the sample, but with an infinite range of colours and sizes.

The book also comes in handy if you are into graphic print and website design, as is the free files you can use in the production of either and amateur or professional website.

Just the CD alone is worth the value of the book with the files being easy to resize the motifs, patterns and colours to suit your own purposes.

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