Title: BIRDWATCHER’S DAILY COMPANION 365 Days of Advice, Insight, and Information for Enthusiastic Birders

Author: Marcus Schneck

Publisher: Quarry

RRP: $29.99

ISBN: 9781592536504

Release Date: Jan 2011


An informative and inspiring guide for birdwatching every day of the year.


Birdwatcher’s Daily Companion is organised as a day minder, with entries to make 365 day’s worth of birdwatching for the fanatic. It is organised with colour photos, full details on the bird of the day, diagrams, physical characteristics, range, habitat and descriptions of each group of birds.

The compact size makes it a perfect field guide to carry with you on your outing in search of each of the avian creatures described within the sturdy cover of this book. Other interesting facts in each section are the songs and call of the species as well as the conservation status of the bird. There are also historical facts and myths about the birds, such as the Raven a Symbol of death and the like, with references to the Edgar Allan Poe 1845 poem – The Raven.

Embrace your love of birdwatching, every day of the year!

By nature, bird lovers are naturalists and collectors, and you know how easy it is to devote hours upon hours of time—a lifetime, in fact—to your hobby. Birdwatcher’s Daily Companion is a fun, sophisticated way to be newly inspired, every day of the year. Inside is insight into everything from how to identify look alike species to planting a hummingbird garden, planning birding travel, and so much more.

Throughout the birdwatcher’s year, you’ll find:

Mondays / bird-finding tips and techniques

Tuesdays / all about species identification

Wednesdays / ideas for birding excursions and travel

Thursdays / learn to find and attract birds to your backyard

Fridays / birds in history and mythology

Saturdays & Sundays / birding projects and activities

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