Saturday, March 12, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Razor’s Gate

Title: The Razor’s Gate

Author: Sean Cregan

Publisher: Headline Fiction

RRP: $32.99

ISBN: 9780755358083

Release Date: March 2011

Pages: 320


The second urban gothic thriller from Sean Cregan, acclaimed author of The Levels.

In Newport City men and women walk the streets, their lives literally ticking away.

The Clocks are victims of a new serial crime, their existence kept secret by the authorities for fear of a wave of panic spreading through the US East coast city. Kidnapped by the mysterious Curator and subjected to the Curse - a medical procedure which ensures a fatal drug will be released into their nervous system one year after implantation they are headed for certain death.

But now they are fighting back. A suicidal Clock, determined to bring their plight to the public's attention, has detonated a bomb, killing dozens. Journalist Maya Cassinelli, whose ex-boyfriend is one of the dead, and cop Charlie Garrett, whose Clock girlfriend is about to die, are on a desperate search for answers, closely shadowed by members of the elite Foundation, who want control of the Curse's revolutionary and lucrative bio-technology.

With everyone hunting the Cure, who will find it first? The Clocks are ticking...


Sean started writing at university as a way of escaping his engineering degree, before becoming a trade journalist working out of a brick shed. He writes full time, and published four novels under his real name, before changing style, content, publisher and identity to something much more fun. He's a single dad and lives on the south coast with his little boy. He has never owned a cat, and each year more and more of them go missing in his neighborhood.


This is the second book in a dark urban thriller by Sean Cregan and the first one I have read by this author. Cregan writes a tight and fast paced novel with short chapters in the style of James Patterson – one to two pages per chapter.

The concept of The Razor’s Gate is great, with a serial killer/s knocking out the victims and taking them to perform an operation that results in the victim having exactly twelve months to live. This is discovered by the victim as soon as they wake up and locate the note from the killer stating this fact.

Razor’s Gate is set in the not too distant future where technology allows this medical procedure to take place. The characters are well developed and it is easy to feel for them, especially the victims you get to know.

I found myself wanting to read the first book in the series as I got further along with reading this book to see what the characters were like and how they developed from Cregan’s initial creation.

My only complaint about this book was the ending, which seemed a bit rushed and out of character with the rest of the plot. There were a lot of sub plots tied up at the end, but the overall plot was let down a bit by the fruition of the ending. That being said, the book was very well written up to this point and I would definitely read another book written by this author.

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