Saturday, March 5, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Lingerie The Evolution of Seduction

Title: Lingerie The Evolution of Seduction

Author: Anna Folli

Publisher: White Star

RRP: $55.00

ISBN: 9788843303779

Release Date: Feb 2011


A colourful and titillating pictorial history of the sexiest attire of all.


Lingerie The Evolution of Seduction is an excellent journey through the various decades of this mysterious item of undergarment. There are colour plates from the early advertisements of the 40’s right through to the current day photographic ads.

It is quite interesting to see how much advertising has changed over the years, with what was probably labelled as risqué and outrageous seventy years ago. Some of the slogans used on the lingerie are quite amusing when you consider how such comments would be taken by the end user of these products in today’s society.

Apart from the huge range of ads contained, there are also pages of fantastic photographs of many popular celebrities, such as Rita Hayworth, Madonna, Joan Collins, just to name a few who posed in various exotic numbers over the years.

This book is a definite must have for anyone studying fashion and design as a brilliant reference tool. It is also an interesting book for those interested in photography and advertising.

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