Friday, March 4, 2011

FICTION: 25/12/Unknown By Shane Ward

Christmas was the day he would remember for the rest of his life. A day that changed his life forever and for a dedicated priest, it was a day that shook his foundations and destroyed his faith in god.

The priest, Samuel, remembered the day clearly as he looked upon the beloved grave of his wife and child.

The gravestone said, 'here rests beloved mother and daughter, who had their lives taken before there time. May the angels in heaven look after these two. Gods children.' But the words offered no comfort on that rainy night.

Samuel looked towards the sky and begged for a reason. Why did god punish him this way? But only the streaks of lightning answered his call.

The priest held a small model car in his hands; it reminded him of the horror that very night, two years ago on Christmas.


The celebration for Christmas went smoothly, as the believers gathered inside the holy building. Payers and gifts where exchanged and Samuel spoke words from the bible that described the birth of Jesus Christ.

When the evening carol ended, Samuel waited by the sidewalk for his wife and child to arrive. But as their silhouettes strolled happily out of the darkness, a horrendous screech erupted from the other side of the street. He watched a black BMW spin out of control and ploughed straight through his small family.

As the driver slumbered out of his car and onto the street, Samuel rushed over to his wife’s mutilated body. Only a small arm could be seen under the engine and he yelled with grief, hate swelled within like a boiling caldron. He shook his wife, and pulled at the small arm, but there was no movement. The driver slumbered around, and it was just then Samuel noticed the individual wearing a Santa Clause costume.

Samuel stared at the drunken man; his image would forever be burned into his mind. The meaning of Christmas was now ruined and his faith in God totally shattered. He knew his life was over. His beloved family wiped out in an instant.


Samuel crouched down at the grave, bottle of vodka in one hand. He had nothing to live for and cursed that very day, and the subsequent days that followed. But as the hours rolled passed and the snow began to descend, he decided to return home.

It was on his way through a dark street that he tripped on a pile of bags left out for the next day. He heard laughter from a group of people and dismissed their idle happiness the snow gave them. Sure, they can have there fun. Damn them all. Samuel thought.

But as he moved on, memories of that horrific moment still followed him like a shroud.

Finally, when the alcohol had taken its toll on his body, he collapsed on the hard floor and landed on someone. Feeling the texture of someone’s jacket, he looked up and saw a dark figure. Samuel felt the effect of the alcohol on his body, but that didn’t stop him from heaving himself off the ground to see the individual.

'Well, hello father. Who might you be?' the voice sounded sly and cunning, but Samuel didn’t care.

'My names Samuel.' his accent was off and his words slurred.

'What would you like for Christmas my friend?'

Samuel stared at the dark face. ‘What?'

'I said, what do you want for Christmas?' The dark figure repeated, in a calm and content.

'I want this fucking day to disappear!' his slurred words came out furiously clear. Samuel had no love for the day, or the people who rejoiced in it. Damn them all, and God!

'No problem father, I know how much your lord has forsaken you. That’s why I’m here.' the dark figure placed an eerie hand on Samuel’s head and he collapsed.


What seemed like seconds, Samuel awoke in a field. He had no idea how he got there, or what he was supposed to do. But the storm had passed and the sky was clear as crystal. A star shone over a small farm and the priest was compelled to investigate.

Once he stumbled onto a dirt path, he leaned on a bail of straw and scanned the landscape. The memories of his beloved wife and child still came back, more potent than ever, as if someone was playing a video through his mind. Then he saw three people step inside a barn, all wearing ragged cloaks and long hair. Samuel followed.

As he approached the entrance, a small crowd of people mingled around two individuals carrying a baby. One man saw Samuel and spoke. 'Welcome stranger. Here witness the birth of God’s creation. Rejoice in this marvelous day' he said, arms open.

Samuel stood back, mouth agape in shock. Surly he could not be at the birth of Jesus himself? Samuel went to rub the sweat off his forehead but he suddenly realized that he was holding a machine gun!

Then, out of nowhere, more memories flashed in his mind. That drunk Santa, God’s neglect, the death of his family. Then the memories yelled in his mind, ‘God took my child. I’ll take his!’

Samuel raised the deadly weapon and let loose. He closed his eyes as the sound, vibration and the terrible cries echoed around him. He waved the gun indiscriminately in all directions until an eerie silence fell and his weapon had run out of ammo. Samuel remained motionless for a moment. But he had to know, was this a dream or some trick of his mind?

He opened his eyed to a bloodbath. He'd killed everyone. Suddenly someone touched his shoulder. 'Well done God’s son, you have performed remarkably, now lets make a new history together.'

Samuel had to ask, 'what’s your name?'

The dark figure smiled, 'I’m Lucifer but some call me the devil.'

They left the blood-drenched barn, Samuel unable to believe what he'd done.

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