Saturday, March 19, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Survival – How Being Prepared Can Keep You And Your Family Safe

Title: Survival – How Being Prepared Can Keep You And Your Family Safe

Author: Lt Gen Russel Honore

Publisher: Simon & Shuster

RRP: $22.99

ISBN: 9781416599012

Release Date: Aug 2010

Pages: 288




• Store survival kits in a convenient place known to all family members.

• Keep a smaller version of your supplies kit in the trunk of your car, at work, and at school.

• Keep them in airtight plastic bags, if possible.

• Change your stored water supply every six months so it stays fresh.

• Replace your stored food every six months.

• Ask your physician or pharmacist about storing prescription medications.

• Rethink your kit and family needs at least once a year.


This book is more of a study on the Hurricane Katrina and the events occurring in New Orleans in the days and weeks after. It studies how both civilians and the government can learn from this event and become prepared for any future catastrophies.

The book details handling the overwhelming logistics at the local, state, and federal levels in dealing with the Katrina disaster aid and recovery. Honore writes a clear recollection of Katrina’s events and his interactions with people involved during the recovery.

Also included is an appendix on how individuals/families can prepare for disasters with photos of items such as batteries, flashlight, American Red Cross Family First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Kit.

Honore's view of the media, government, race, and their impact on Katrina preparation and response is quite interesting and it’s hard to believe this disaster happened in the US and not a third world country.

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