Saturday, March 12, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Dragon’s Domain: The Ultimate Dragon Painting Workshop

Title: Dragon’s Domain: The Ultimate Dragon Painting Workshop

Author: Bob Eggleton

Publisher: David & Charles

RRP: $29.99

ISBN: 9781600614576

Release Date: 2010

Available from


The ultimate practical dragon art book from fantasy art legend Bob Eggleton, designed specially to introduce you to the materials and techniques you will need to paint amazing dragons and monsters. Packed with photographs, design drawings and notes, step-by-step projects and final artwork to help beginner artists master the essential techniques. Detailed Dragon Workshops show the development of Bob’s classic dragon paintings, from conceptualization through to final execution, including Eastern and Western dragons, sea dragons, space dragons, elemental dragons and other fantastic beasts.


Impact Art books have become my favourite how to books over the last few months. I’ve picked up a few different books on watercolour, fairies and fantasy art by various authors and gained some great skills and knowledge from these step by step books.

Dragon’s Domain is packed full of step by step projects for painting a variety of fantastic fantasy scenes that you can adapt to any form of painting, watercolour, pastel, acrylic or oils. I worked through a few of the tasks using watercolour and was quite happy with the way that paintings came out.

Can’t wait to finish every project in this book to see how my skills develop over time.

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