Saturday, March 5, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Masterpieces of Nature

Title: Masterpieces of Nature

Author: Abi Burns
Publisher: White Star

RRP: $85.00

ISBN: 9788854405714

Release Date: Jan 2011



A sumptuously photographed book of the world’s extraordinary natural wonders which will make a great addition

to any collector’s library.


Masterpieces of Nature is the most spectacular photographic book I have ever seen. The giant size of the book gives life to the incredible photographs of the majestic and natural beauty found throughout the various continents of the world.

This book contains 133 full colour photographs that are such high quality that you’d almost be forgiven for cutting the pages out and framing these masterpieces. The book is broken up to various themes, through a portrait of Earth's environmental resources: eco-systems, climates, geological formations, flora, and fauna. Each chapter contains photographs from the themes, such as forests from around the world, water and marine images, deserts and planes.

As a reference book for an artist, this is the highest quality you could ask for, with vivid images of nature captures perfectly. As a coffee table book, this would start countless conversations about just about any country or aspect of nature.

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