Saturday, March 5, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: RIP-OFF A Panorama of Australian Fraud, Deception & Dirty Tricks over the Centuries

Title: RIP-OFF A Panorama of Australian Fraud, Deception & Dirty Tricks over the Centuries

Author: Paul Taylor

Publisher: Five Mile Press

RRP: $19.95

ISBN: 0781742481272

Release Date: Jan 2011


The author of the best-selling Ripping Yarns 1 and 2 explores a cornucopia of amazing scandalous and crooked activities in Australia over the centuries. With a cast of characters ranging from Ern Malley, Alan Bond, Shane Warne and Marcus Einfeld, each of these stories features a character who was the victim, or the perpetrator,

of lies and deceit.


Marcus Einfeld* Shane Warne*Ned Kelly* Fine Cotton*Azaria Chamberlain* Frank Hardy*Men at Work*Jim Cairns and Junie Morosi*Len Lawson*TE Lawrence*Francis De Groot*Daisy Bates*Ern Malley*Wilfred Burchett*Colin Ross*Alan Bond*And more...All of the above share a common thread of deception; They're Rip Offs. And they've been around Australia since 1822 when the Trial went down off Western Australia and the surviving captain stole the treasure in its hold. The Rip Offs never sleep. They just go on and on. In 33 widely ranging chapters, Paul Taylor looks at some of Australia's best known rip offs.

This book contains all of the well known dodge characters who have committed the most ruthless and cold hearted scams and the like in Australia. It was a real who’s who of the dodgy brothers in this country’s history.

I found this book extremely interesting and was amazed at some of the schemes that these people managed to come up with and then execute without ever thinking that they would be caught.

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