Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aussie Author Month at ASFFWA

Aussie Author Month is a cross-genre collaboration to support and promote Australian writing. During April, we'll be featuring bestselling and upcoming Australian authors, and highlighting some of our favourite Aussie books.

Here are some of the activities we’ll be undertaking:

• Author interviews

• Reviews of Aussie books (some sites may already have a full review schedule. Please do not contact us to review your book.)

• Promotions/discounts/specials at bookstores/online

• Start memes

• Blog carnivals

• Book/Writing competitions with prizes

How you can help:

• If you run a book blog or website, you can contact us and we’ll list you on our participating blogs pages.

• If you are an Aussie author, you can contact any of our sites for your genre for your book to be listed, or you can give a book or two away or offer a discount on either your own site or our sites, and we’ll post links.

• If you are a bookseller, you can promote Australian books by having an Aussie book section display in your shop, or provide discounts on Aussie written books.

• If you are a publisher, you can give a percentage of a books price to the ILP during the month, or promote or giveaway your books through your own site or our bloggers.

• If you are a person interested in books, please feel free to link our Aussie Author Month posts to your blog or social media, buy Australian books and support the ILP.

Promotions and giveaways will be done through the most appropriate site. E.g. if the book is a romance novel, you should speak to BookThingo.com.


Part of Aussie Author Month will also be to promote donations to the Indigenous Literacy Project. The ILP is a charity whose aim is to raise literacy levels among Indigenous Australians in rural and remote communities. The ILP works in partnership with the Australian Book Industry and the Fred Hollows Foundation.

What we will be doing for the ILP is not only linking to their website, but will be actively fundraising for them through GoFundraise.com.au. This will be set up closer to the start date of the project, so if you want to be involved, please email us and we will keep you updated with the appropriate links.



BookThingo.com.au – Romance Review Specialists

Fangtastic.com.au – Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance Specialists/Bookstore

AWriterGoesOnAJourney.com – Science Fiction and Fantasy Review Specialists



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