FICTION: A Private Moment by D.C. McMillen  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Sleeping next to him was like sleeping next to a pile of electric blankets – if electric blankets could sweat. The heat emanating from his hand, resting heavily on my groin, caused me to softly moan. A sound drowned out by his snoring. I wiggled my body just a little and his bear like paw roughly grasped my cock, causing it to stiffen even further. Surprisingly I was almost there. Gingerly, I pushed my pelvic area upward and, in response, he gave it a rough, almost painful jerk. Groaning, I sank deeply into the mattress. I had to manoeuvre carefully; if I moved too much, he might roll over, taking his meaty paw (and the blankets) with him. Hesitantly, I twisted the lower half of my body about half an inch, pressing my cock further into his grip. He tightened his hold, shoving me backwards. Then, unexpectedly, he used his grip to yank me towards him. I braced myself as my entire being began to spasm. My come shot through his grasp. While I was left gasping for air, he rolled over and let out a loud snore / snort. The cool air felt nice as I drifted back to sleep.

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