BOOK REVIEW: Realistic Watercolor Portraits  

Posted by Scott Wilson

Title: Realistic Watercolor Portraits

Author: Suzanna Winton

Publisher: North Light

RRP: $29.99

ISBN: 9781600611520

Release Date: March 2011

Pages: 160


Learn to paint a variety of likenesses. This book contains the information on how to address and overcome the many variables to consider when painting people. The book covers many key topics such as; capturing a likeness, adding character to your portraits, painting skin tones, placing the image properly, editing visual information and how to paint clothing and backgrounds. Everything the reader needs to know to be a successful painter of portraits is included, no matter what the physical characteristics of the person are.


Realistic Watercolor Portraits is the first instructional watercolour painting book that I have found that has really helped with the many complex issues involved with painting a portrait. The lessons within the covers of this art book help the budding artist hone their craft and master elements such as painting effective skin colours and shades, capturing the character of the subject, and placement and lighting for a stunning image.

There are ample images and visual aids to help you learn the art of using watercolour paints to create a realistic facial image of a subject. Unlike other books I’ve seen on portrait painting, this one seems to capture the personality of the person being painted in a natural way, not contrived or staged like many portraits end up looking like.

This is the best book on watercolour portraits I’ve seen and highly recommend it.

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