Friday, August 26, 2011

POETRY: The River She’s A Callin’ by Jason E. Hodges

The river’s twist and turns are always creating

Creating wonders of joy around each bend

Calling to me with a voice that knows no distance

For the river knows my body and sole yearns to return to its flow

A self sculpted beauty that I love with all of my heart

A place I find myself lost in while I’m riding it’s currents

While I’m gazing down stream to see movements of wonder

Perfectly smooth in all its perfection

Spilling over at times in the most beautiful way

To full for containment

For something so strong should never be contained or trapped by banks

By levees

By boundaries

By dams

Now finally I’m relived to be back on her water

I feel the wetness on my face and see the turbulence coming in waves

As I ride on this river I feel its true power

True strength

Looking just over the bow, I see rocks ahead

I must carefully make my way around the edge of them

To much of a touch and the boat could take on water

Two hands on the boat is the only way to steer

To stay in control

When the boat is rockin’ wildly you better hold on for life

Hands that navigate skillfully trough the tossing and turning

To move the small boat in just the right position

Making sure it finds its way home

For coming home is always the goal

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful story, it puts you right there, like i could almost hear and feel the water. Excellent job!!!!