Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Title: Lunar Park

Author: Bret Easton Ellis

Publisher: Pan MacMillan

RRP: $22.99

ISBN: 9780330536332

Release Date: August 2011

Pages: 464


The author of American Psycho rips into his most frightening subject yet: himself

He became a bestselling novelist while still in college, immediately famous and wealthy. He watched his insufferable father reduced to a bag of ashes in a safety-deposit box. He was lost in a haze of booze, drugs and vilification. Then he was given a second chance.

This is the life of Bret Easton Ellis, the subject of this remarkable novel. Confounding one expectation after another, Lunar Park is equally hilarious, horrifying and heartbreaking. It's the most original novel of an extraordinary career – and best of all: it all happened, every word is true.


Lunar Park is good to read without knowing anything about the book or the author. But Bret is already cult author so I guess that very few people come to read virgins. Say I had a few skirmishes with Bret that failed the previous with Psycho, and that Lunar was almost pure. Therefore, for those who have not read anything about Bret I recommend you read Lunar Park immediately without reading a single line of that follow and make your own opinion by himself.

The main hook is its attractive Lunar archicitadas autobiographical influences.

For there I read this aspect autobiographical fiction is called "metareading" and I think the term is going.

But, I think, that the greatest attribute of this novel is that sacred property that have some books not to be released.

Lunar Park is hit one in his hands. I shut myself in the bathroom to let me read in peace, reading eye that also out of the bathroom, walking in the subway, at noon for lunch, before bed, because Moon has a wonderful rhythm that is interesting, entertaining, and funny at dizzying.

Finally Lunar Park is scary, but it's tasty.

I have to emphasize that this is an absolutely clear subjective and that book I really liked and let myself get caught in the built environment that the author, sure there are thousands of people who do not feel coquito, but I clutching me In due time, and that's priceless! For everything else there is MasterCard.

In total we have a novel - which is clearly written to perfection - which is published in a strategic moment in the author's life after eight years of his latest book, promising yourself you hooked shocking revelations of his life, then you confuse the start to tangle with characters from other books and real life characters whose beat focuses on the most feared diseases of the parent-child relationships and the creator-creature, that puts you at odds with events which unleashed in absurd and terrifying supernatural , and ends up as carbon dioxide closing commands - is so ambitious that these works end up putting the cake in the end - an emotional episode that is not what it seems or is intended addressee.

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