Friday, August 26, 2011

POETRY: Home Again by Sarah E. White

If only I could go home

To where my life began

To the beginning, the start of the race

The race of life

Go back to that simple place

Such beauty unspoiled

Like a forest of ancient memories

Of a time almost forgotten

A creek where a childhood was once lived

A place where creativity was allowed to bloom

And rolling hills of wild clover was as far as the eye could see

Blowing softly in a gentle breeze as I walked through in my bare feet

Like a blanket of green covering the earth

My earth

This was a place of adventure

Where I lived so many dreams

A safe place to skin my knees

Where wild mint grew by the well house

How it filled the air with sweetness

As thick of a smell as the sweet jasmine of The South

If only I could go back there

Instead, I only have a memory of my perfect childhood homestead

Where my dreams came true

Where my life began

Oh how I long to go back

Free from the worries of the world

Where I can be a child again

So I can live my life once more

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