Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Vampire Warlords

Title: Vampire Warlords

Author: Andy Remic

Publisher: Angry Robots

RRP: $15.99

ISBN: 9780857661050

Release Date: 2011



Praise for Kell's Legend:

"Kell's Legend' is a roller coaster ride of a book that grabbed me right from the first page and tore off at a rate of knots like I hadn't seen in a long time." - Graeme's Fantasy Book Review

"Kell's Legend is an iconoclastic melange of themes that incorporates devices from various genres-Moorcook/Gemmell heroic fantasy, steampunk, and horror. It is an exciting, brutal novel, soaked in testosterone and paced like a roller coaster. The sex and violence is visceral and the action is non-stop." - Red Rook Review

Product Description

Legendary warrior Kell must choose to flee the conquered land of Falanor, or fight for its people. Even now it may be too late, that all is lost... for the Vachine invaders have called upon their ancient rulers, semi-immortal bloodsuckers who dwell on the edges between life and death. The vampire warlords have returned, and they will feed.


Vampire Warlords is the third book in Andy Remic’s Clockwork Vampire trilogy. Vampire Warlords picks up where Soul Stealers left off, the Vampire Warlords have been released from their eternal prison and they are spreading their control across the lands, either feeding on everyone they can find or turning them into vampires. It seems like all of the factions, in their own way decide that they must try to stop the Warlords. The humans are led by Kell, a mature axeman who has a seriously dark history and temper who tends to fight his way through any situation, even when diplomacy might be a safer option.

The core relationship between Kell and his now long suffering companion Saark is still a joy to read. They bicker and curse but it is obvious that there is a grudging respect between the two warriors. Kell remains as stony faced as ever, and Saark is still an outrageous womanizing dandy, but the two have become genuine friends over the course of their travels.

While Kell the man is old and tired, Kell the warrior is a force of nature. The battles he fights in are vivid, bloody affairs. The vampire warlords face off against albino armies, Vachine, convicts and retired soldiers. Andy Remic's writing style lends itself well to the almost hypnotic flow of action. Not a bad final book in this trilogy at all.

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