Friday, August 12, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Pimpernelles Book 1: The Pale Assassin

Title: Pimpernelles Book 1: The Pale Assassin

Author: Patricia Elliott

Publisher: Hachette

RRP: $16.99

ISBN: 9780340956762

Release Date: July 2011


Eugenie de Boncoeur is growing up in Paris, unaware that her guardian has contracted her to marry the sinister spymaster known as 'le Fantome' when she turns sixteen. She finds herself falling for the handsome lawyer, Guy Deschamps, but there is little time for romance; France is descending into chaos as the Revolution takes hold. Soon Eugenie is fleeing for her life. Her brother Armand has become involved in a plot to save the King from the guillotine, the mob is searching for aristocrats, and le Fantome, the pale assassin, is on their trail - desperate for revenge.


The Pale Assassin is an interesting historical YA book. The book opened up by introducing our assassin, Le Fantome. He was a gambler and had lost his fortune to Eugenie's father. Le Fantome made it his business to cast revenge on Eugenie's family and cause great distress in her life without her knowing it. The concept sounds pretty good right? However, once the French Revolution started taking place I seemed to have lost sight on the assassin and quickly learned about Eugenie's personality.

At the end of almost every chapter, the anticipation heightens and leaves off in suspense to keep the reader going. This was not done subtly. As each chapter ended, I had the distinct feeling that a scene had just ended, like in a movie. I felt that the author intended for it to feel that way though I am not sure why.

This book really delivered as a great historical fiction novel.

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