Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Villain Vast by Ron Koppelberger

The reservation established the topsey turvey allegiance of great obscene feasts in scarlet row and vast evil burned to the bone. Day by day in scandalous slaughter the ch√Ęteau’ de la vernal catered to the elite vivacity of rich affected patrons. They advanced the fortune of magnificent wealth for the delicacies of forbidden fare and forage. Felonious Giraffe tongues and neck steaks a la hummingbird bones, crushed and charred like a demon garnish. Kangaroo eyes summoned to the table in diseased intrigue, acquired through illicit foundries of carnage and finally, the animate breath of human vaunt.

Cannibal succinct, the diners waited for the rare savor of human delight. The sermon of solicited flame incited the cheers of hungry ghouls and fashionable demons as the host announced, “Dinner is served.”

The waiters proceeded to roll out a table with a young woman strapped by harness and braided rope. They rolled the table to the center of the dinning room and in homage to the wriggling woman they bowed and disappeared from the room.

She began praying out loud as the cannibals moved back in to surround her. Her eyes blinked in fluttering supplication as splashes of wine were poured onto her legs. “Our father who art in heaven…..” she prayed. Fields of endless eternal wheat in saffron glow filled her mind as she continued to pray. The tongs of a serving fork prodded her leg as she prepared to die.

In a dramatic turn the room went silent and a whoosh of air filled the empty spaces above their heads. There was a hollow saintly assonance in the air above her as a gentle wave carried the grim receipt of payment to the evil parishioners of death and gibbering slavering hunger.

In unison they fell to the floor, dead, drained of life they lay in heaped tatters about the room. Devoured by the glare of god’s touch.

She lay there in meditative thought as the bonds disappeared. She sighed in relief and set her sights on the vision that had engulfed her. An endless sea of saffron and wheat.

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