Saturday, November 20, 2010

Book Review: Edge by Jeffery Deaver

H&S Fiction



Paperback - C Format

November 2010

432 pages

Crime & Mystery

A new standalone thriller by Number One internationally bestselling author Jeffery Deaver - it's fast-paced, heart-pounding, and full of unexpected twists and turns.

Detective Kessler is a Washington, D.C. cop, sidelined to routine investigations. So it's a surprise when he's targeted by a 'lifter,' a person who 'lifts' information from people by whatever means necessary. And this lifter is one of the most terrifying: he prefers to get an 'edge' on his target by kidnapping or endangering their family.While the FBI and other organisations race to learn which of Kessler's seemingly insignificant cases is making somebody so uneasy they've called in a lifter, the task of safeguarding the cop, his wife and daughter, falls to expert in personal security, Corte. What ensues is a deadly contest between Corte and the lifter as each tries to outmanoeuvre the other - and a surprising conclusion that even Deaver fans won't see coming...


Jeffery Deaver is the creator of Lincoln Rhyme, and the author of 26 internationally bestselling thrillers. He lives in North Carolina and California.

Previous Books:

The Bone Collector (9780340992722), The Cold Moon (9780340960639), The Sleeping Doll (9780340833865), The Bodies Left Behind (9780340977897), Roadside Crosses (9780340994047).


Deaver’s new novel, Edge, grabs you from the first page and keeps you hooked until the last word of the last page. Based on game theory, there is a new twist in every chapter, and several in between. Edge lets the reader feel comfortable with existing characters, while giving them exciting opportunities to meet new characters in new situations. Edge is reminiscent of the political thriller, Gods of Ruin, so if you enjoyed that book, then you’ll love this one to.

The main character, Corte, works for an un-named Federal to protect individuals who are in possession of sensitive, dangerous, or highly profitable information, (a kind of witness protection program).

Deaver is an experienced and highly capable writer and Edge is another great novel in his series. It is also a complete stand alone book, so you don’t have to know the characters or have read any previous books to enjoy and understand this book.

There are plot twists and surprises galore. Like many successful novelists today, Deaver has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of plot ideas.

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JimOnAWhim said...

Can't wait to read this one. Love the Lincoln Rhyme series, but the stand-alones are just as good and sometimes better. The Bodies Left Behind is an excellent example.