Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beloved by Ron Koppelberger

The discretion of veiled love and conception, the birth of an allure sworn, captured by the embrace of agreeable affections went beyond the boundaries of life. A love in declared, attested fervor and temperaments of abundant balance. The love of a man and an essential spirit of nature. Laughter, admitted in waves of green grass and sylvan boughs of nubulent weave. The wedded vagueness of phantasms in forest nooks of cascading charge, blazing, bursting minds of spicy sanctity, the love of a ghost and an ethereal force of passage unto the heavens of imbued rapture. It was a resplendent yield of feminine passage. Betrothal to the menagerie of sprite mystery and benevolent merger with mossy vistas of summons, the concealed wife he loved so dearly. A mist, a smokey vaporous ghost dressed in blossoms of dandelion yellow and alabaster daisy petal silk.

She renewed him with a whisper, “Sweet devotions of freedom and eternity, tomorrow and fanfare in spring.”

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