Dark Moon of Avalon A Novel of Trystan & Isolde By Anna Elliott
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Touchstone, September 2010
Trade Paperback, 448 pages
ISBN-10: 1416589902
ISBN-13: 9781416589907

Reunited after a hard-fought but tenuous victory, the young former High Queen Isolde and her friend and protector Trystan are sent on a dangerous quest to keep Lord Marche from usurping the throne of Britain through the brute force of his Saxon allies. This time, they must act as diplomats, persuading the rulers of each of the smaller kingdoms, from Ireland to Cornwall, that their loyalty to King Madoc is needed to keep Britain from the hands of a despot. With the combined influences of Isolde's cunning wit and talent for healing, and Trystan's strength and bravery, they must win the loyalty of a kingdom to fight for the side of right. .
Though Trystan has protected his identity for years, he has been exposed to the one person he's feared the most - his father, Lord Marche, who now understands the threat his estranged son will prove to be. With admissions of love hanging in the air, both Trystan and Isolde feel that their presence puts the other at greater risk. But when their situation is at its most desperate, they must finally confront their true feelings towards each other, in time for a battle that will test the strength of their will and their hearts.


Dark Moon of Avalon picks up where the first book in the series, Twilight of Avalon, left off. The book is full of adventure and Arthurian legend and lore, scattered with all the best elements of a good historical fictional knowledge. Trystan and Isolde plan on doing whatever it takes to make sure Lord Marche doesn't end up on the throne. Isolde has become somewhat of a diplomat and and tries to gain support from other leaders so they can fight Lord Marche. Of course, Trystan comes along for this adventure and their strong friendship blossoms into something more. Dark Moon of Avalon by Anna Elliott is a must read for fans of Arthurian legend as well as historical fiction; readers will come to love this version of Trystan and Isolde.

Like the lore of these two characters, the love and romance between Isolde and Trystan was a strong element throughout this book, making it more of a romance than an action based tale. The characters are well written and strongly developed, but then again, being a historical piece of fiction there is already a basis to compare the well known characters against. The plot is more character driven than action based, which will appeal to some and put others off as it can be a bit of a romance type story at times.

This second book in the trilogy sets the scene for a grand finale in the last book, Sunrise of Avalon, which I will have to read to find out if there will be any significant twists and turns to this well known story.

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