Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poetry: The Art of Slipping Away by Noemi Soto

I opened my eyes this morning to find myself already half way slipping into nothingness

I tried to reach for help, but no one was there

so I spent the day lingering in limbo with my arms extended towards the sky

Every shallow breath pushing me further

counteracting my feeble attempts at self preservation

And this is where I let my mind wander so it won't be taken down with me.

This is where I grasp at smooth branches

This is where I feel myself falling passed the clouds

This is where my heart skips ten beats before me trying to get away

She knows what’s coming…

Many are the times when I have heard the echo of my own mind bouncing off the walls of my hollow heart.

This is one of those times.

Every muscle in my body is clenched

bracing for the breakdown

But there is a lightness within me

expanding into everything and nothing all at once

I am so full of life that it begins to escape me until I am empty

Half way there

Warm light washes over me

Breaks me into pieces

Keeps me floating

I break away

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