Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Review: LEGENDS!: BATTLES AND QUESTS by Anthony Horowitz


Binding:B-Format Paperback

Pub. Date:01-07-2010

Category: Children’s: General Fiction

Imprint: Macmillan

Pages: 160 page/s

Stock: New, Reprinting

Price: $12.99 AUD

Don't mess with the gods. And if they mess with you? Run like hell...

Including King Arthur, The Minotaur, Inca legends and more!

There was a time when monsters and dragons roamed the earth and the gods walked among us. A time of blood, swords and furious battles. A time of legends, heroes, darkness and death...

The first in a series of masterful retellings of classic myths from the legendary Anthony Horowitz.

Author Information

Anthony Horowitz is a prolific writer for film, theatre and television, but he is best loved for his brilliant children's stories, which include the internationally best-selling series about teenage MI6 agent Alex Rider. He lives in London and has two teenage sons.


Legends is a great new series by Anthony Horowitz bringing mythology to a new generation. Being just over 100 pages, this book is a tidy little introduction into a rich and colorful world for the YA audience.

Horowitz vivid story telling style enhances the famous folklore and mythology, including the origins of the Minotaur and the battle with Theseus. The tale of Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table is also retold in this collection as well as a variety of other less famous folklore from the Incans and China to name a few.

If you enjoy the Percy Jackson series, then these short stories will definitely appeal to you.

Can’t wait for the next installments in this series.

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