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Book Review: WITCH & WIZARD 02: THE GIFT by James Patterson & Ned Rust

WITCH & WIZARD 02: THE GIFT by James Patterson & Ned Rust

Product Details

ISBN: 9780099543695

Format:Trade Paperback

Imprint:Young Arrow Fiction


Subject:Child Fiction : Teenage Reader

The second instalment in James Patterson's magical new series


Whit and Wisty Allgood are leading the Resistance against the despotic New Order. Hailed as ‘Liberators’, they are prophesised to overthrow the ruling regime. As such, Whit and Wisty have achieved notoriety and are very much top of the New Order’s ‘most wanted' list. But, as time passes, they are becoming more skilful at harnessing their magical capabilities and their powers are growing stronger every day.

The One Who Is The One, leader of the New Order, has escalated the intensity of his bid to elimate the Allgoods and will allow nothing to stand in his way. But, there is something he needs from them first – their ‘Gift’. If he manages to take it from them, it could bolster his already immense magical powers to a level unimaginable. And this could make The One Who Is The One, and the New Order, unstoppable…


This is the second instalment of the Witch and Wizard series by James Patterson and sees the introduction of another new co-author Ned Rust. Just how much of these collaborations are Patterson and how much are the new authors I’d love to know. As the title suggests, this book’s theme relies heavily on witchcraft and wizardry so if you don’t approve of these elements or themes in your YA novels then you will want to steer clear of this one. If that is okay for you or your kids, then this is a book you will enjoy.

The Gift follows on closely to the first Witch and Wizard book, so I highly recommend that you get up to speed with the storyline before attempting this book to ensure you fully enjoy the plot. Without this background knowledge, the story will seem a bit scattered or lacking as it is very much the second part of a series rather than a standalone novel.

A bit about the plot now; Whit and Wisty, brother and sister, are roused out of a good night’s sleep when the police bust into their home and arrest them. They are taken to a prison where they find it filled with nothing but other children, imprisoned by the wicked forces of the totalitarian regime known as the New Order. The New Order is an organisation who taken control of the government. The One Who Is The One has passed new laws that severely inhibit the citizens. Art, music, free expression, imagination, and magic are illegal and if you are caught participating in any of these activities you will be put in prison for rehabilitation or, worst case scenario, executed.

The two were barely able to escape with their lives and are now part of a hidden community of teens like themselves. Not long after joining the group they established themselves as leaders of the Resistance, willing to sacrifice anything to save kids kidnapped and imprisoned by the New Order. Whit and Wisty are pushed to the limit and their magical abilities are revealed without them even knowing they possessed them. It turns out that Whit is a wizard and Wisty is a witch. For this, they should be executed, but The One Who Is The One wants some information from them first.

Herewith begins the story, which travels along quickly until the last page that leaves the book open to another book in the series.

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