Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Review: Best Australian Architecture by Gary Takle

ISBN 13: 9780646529820

Binding: Paperback

Pages: 224

RRP: $39.95

The publishers of the popular magazine titles Abode, Winning Design and Best Abodes, Think's Best Of' series is an inspirational set of pictorial books filled with what is now' in Australian architecture and design. Each book will grab the reader's attention and will walk them through a selection of Australia's best homes and gardens. In these modern times, our homes are becoming our sanctuaries and Australians are spending more time and money on their personal dwelling spaces. Featuring floor plans and informative editorial, Best Australian Architecture instructs the reader on how they can achieve a result that says wow'. People within the architectural and design industry and consumers alike will love this first gorgeously illustrated book in the series.


This book is a visual delight, with brilliant, full colour photographs of some of the most amazing pieces of Architecture in Australia. There are some amazing designs that will interest both the student of design and those who appreciate the beauty of modern architecture.

There are full floor plans and layouts of each house to compliment the glossy colour photos and give the reader a comprehensive view of the intricate structure and design of the architecture.

After viewing this book I was truly envious of some of the home owners who must have unlimited cash supply to be able to build and furnish such extreme properties in Australia. If is absolutely amazing to see the size and design of some of the houses that the rich live in in this country.

The design and layout of this book also contribute to the overall appeal of this book, making it a must have coffee table book and reference manual for interior designer and architects.

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