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Book Review: MAXIMUM RIDE: FANG by James Patterson

MAXIMUM RIDE: FANG by James Patterson

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ISBN: 9780099543756


Imprint:Young Arrow Fiction


Subject:Fiction/Mass Market

Emotions are running high in the sixth installment of the bestselling Maximum Ride series



For years, Max has been on the run from evil forces threatening her and the Flock – but nothing could have prepared her for this horrifying prophesy delivered to her by Angel. Fang is Max’s best friend, her soulmate, her partner in leadership of her flock of winged children. A life without Fang is a life unimaginable.

Max’s desperate desire to protect Fang brings the two closer than ever. But their world is turned upside down yet again when the Flock meet a wealthy scientist who has a great interest in the birdkids. He introduces them to another winged boy, the beautiful Dylan. Raised in a lab like the Flock, he exists for only one reason: he was created to be Max’s perfect other half.

Now, a battle of science against soul, perfection versus passion unfolds, twists, and turns … and meanwhile, the apocalypse is coming.


Fang is the sixth book in the Maximum Ride series. If you haven’t read the previous ones before, you can read the first 21 chapter at James Patterson’s website There is also details of the movie script that has been written for the production of this book into a action movie.

The Maximum Ride series is a YA series by bestselling adult author, James Patterson. Each book is easy to read and can be knocked over in a matter of hours or a day or so tops. The series is about a flock of bird-children who would have been normal, everyday humans if their DNA hadn't been altered by scientists. The scientists put bird DNA into them when they were still embryos, so when they were born, the children were 98% human and 2% bird. They had bird wings, their bones were made like a bird's (which helped one co-work who would have otherwise not read the series due to the fact that a bird couldn't fly with a human's bone density. She liked that it was so factual), etc. The kids manage to escape from the scientists and hide out for two years on their own before they're found. Now, the scientists want them back. The oldest of the flock and main character, Maximum Ride (fondly called Max), has a special destiny all her own: If she manages to survive, the world will survive.

Fang is the second-oldest flock member and Max's "boyfriend." Once I picked up Fang, I wasn't able to put the book down again until I'd turned the last page. The book ended in a way that lets readers know there's more coming.

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