Friday, December 17, 2010

Book Review: Best Australian Interiors

Best Australian Interiors

RRP: $39.95

ISBN: 978-0-9808314-0-5

Size: 270mm x 210mm wide

Pages: 224

Full Colour

Perfect Bound

Paperback 300gsm

Published November 2010

Think Publishing launches a book that showcases the best Australia has to offer in residential

building design.

‘Best Australian Interiors’ is part of the ‘Best Of’ series and is an inspirational pictorial book filled

with what is ‘now’ in Australian interior design. The book will grab the reader’s attention and will

walk them through a selection of Australia’s best homes.

In these modern times, our homes are becoming our sanctuaries and Australians are spending

more time and money on their personal dwelling spaces. Featuring floor plans and informative

editorial, this book instructs the reader on how they can achieve a result that says ‘wow’.

People within the architectural and design industry and consumers alike will love this book. Edited

by the publisher, Gary Takle has an eye for finding a design that has that certain ‘Best Of’ appeal.

Best Australian Interiors is the second in the ‘Best Of’ series and will be published in November



The Best of Australian series is fast becoming one of my favourite books this year, with almost three in the series to please lovers of lifestyle publications.

Best Australian Interiors has the same, full colour, photo-packed layout as the other book in the series, such as Best Australian Architecture and Best Australian Gardens & Landscapes. These books have been expertly designed to appeal to the visual senses of the reader and give them a full appreciation of the subjects displayed.

The range of interiors covered in this book is modern, contemporary and classic in taste, with a mixture of these in some of the homes. Each page has a great photograph in full colour of the various rooms within the chosen homes. I would have to say that most of the homes are extremely tasteful and well decorated, unlike some books around that prove some people have more money than sense. The publisher has excelled again with this book at collating some of the most desirable properties in one book.

Great book for looking at again and again, each time seeing something new in the photograph that you had missed before.

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