Tuesday, June 7, 2011

POETRY:Sometimes by Sarah E White

She’s an unadulterated psychopath.

That’s what some would say

Such a mysterious character

But at times she seems

Lonely as she pulls hard on her smoke

Surrounded by a roomful of people

Atmosphere people

As her smoke drifts to the ceiling her eyes gaze out the window

Remembering how quickly things changed

Remembering the days

The days of starving for privacy with only one other around

Yet, hungry for love and attention

Like a damsel in a fairy tale

But always wanting satisfaction

Longing for their approval but, never feeling fulfilled

Never fully supported or understood

Afraid of wearing her heart on her sleeve

And so the world turns away from her

Their backs are far too familiar

They never meet her gaze

Only sideways glances

Peripheral vision

Never seeing the snapshot

The full picture

Then what?

What’s next on this page of her life, slowly humming on by

Sometimes it seems to be ripped out of a book.

A book filled with dark pages

Written by the complexity of her life

Sometimes it seems completely washed from words, blank for all to see

1 comment:

belliiott said...

Very moving poem by Sarah White--
"washed from words" and yet she lives
-- a lesson for us to pay attention to those around us and give them more than "sideways glances" BElliott