Thursday, June 2, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: Beloved of The Fallen

Title: Beloved of The Fallen

Author: Savannah Kline

Publisher: Ulysses Press

RRP: $24.99

ISBN: 9781569758472

Release Date: March 2011


How far is the fall into true love? An elegant combination of fantasy, thriller and romance, this

debut novel from rising-star science fiction author Savannah Kline is a breathless tale of love, seduction and redemption.

I found it a compelling story with honest, believable characters who were both lovable and despicable at the same time. The choice of pitting God and the Devil against each other is an age old idea but here it isn't even close to being the same old story.

The introduction to the main character, the angel Valentine, inspired many emotions in me from pity to fascination for giving up so much for someone you love. This novel had modern-day romance mixed with the forbidden love that fascinates us to this day."Romeo and Juliet" meets the film "The Fallen." When Valentine is made a human and stripped of his angel abilities, he is damned to live out eternity in his own hell, but Kirra, a kind hearted mortal, captivates his attention. When Satan enters their world and threatens their love, Kirra must make a choice and a high price is going to be full. I would have liked to know more in detail about how the other angels and demons were affected by the choice Valentine had made for the love of a mortal. This novel was inventive, descriptive, and when face to face with Satan and a choice, filled with a sense of dread. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever loved someone so much they would give up anything for that person, even their soul.

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