Saturday, June 11, 2011


Title: Destiny

Author: Louise Bagshaw

Publisher: Headline

RRP: $32.99

ISBN: 9780755384822

Release Date: May 2011

Pages: 384


The bestselling author of DESIRE and PASSION is back with a fantastic new blockbuster - a compulsive big read about ambition, secrets and true love.

A fabulously addictive read from a bestselling author, filled with glamour, passion and desire.

Orphan Kate Fox is determined to make her mark in the world, and with her gorgeous looks, what better way to secure her future than to marry money? When she attracts the attention of media mogul Marcus Broder sophisticated, powerful and wealthy beyond measure it seems as though all of Kate's dreams have come true.

But marriage to Marcus isn't everything she imagined. A closet filled with designer clothes, and nothing to do with her time but shop, lunch and be beautiful, does not bring happiness. Before long, Kate wants out of her marriage, a career of her own, and a chance at love. But Kate's reputation as a gold-digger is sealed. Ruthlessly pursued by Marcus, who will stop at nothing to destroy her, Kate knows she has to defeat her past if she is to win the trust of the man she loves.


Top Ten bestseller Louise Bagshawe is the author of fourteen novels, published in more than eight languages, most recently the massive bestseller DESIRE. A mother of three, she lives in Northamptonshire


Destiny is written by experienced author Louise Badshawe and very much in the same style as Bagshawe’s successful formula of a strong female lead facing adversity and a skewed sense of what is right and wrong that falls spectacularly from social grace and riches beyond my wildest of dreams, only to muster all her strength and come out trumps.  The cover is just great, with a terrific colour scheme that very much represents the environment of the book.

Destiny is set in the world of glossy magazines and is just as addictive as previous novels set in the entertainment industry or high fashion retailing.

Bagshawe’s latest, like all her other novels, is a very successful mix of highly improbable, but totally believable and inspirational writing. This is the kind of book that expects little of the reader other than a good sense of fun and a suspended belief in reality.

Destiny is a nice, light-hearted read that was quite enjoyable, especially if you are already familiar with the author and her style.

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