Friday, June 24, 2011


Title: Cold Kiss

Author: John Rector
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

RRP: $19.99

ISBN: 9781849830683

Release Date: May 2011

Pages: 288


Nate and Sara are broke -- and on the run from the past.

When a shady hitchhiker offers them cold hard cash for a lift, they can't afford to say no.

But very soon they'll be wishing they had. Because picking him up is about to become the biggest mistake they ever made -- and the price they'll have to pay will be greater than they could ever have imagined...


"The Cold Kiss" is one of those very rare finds, a great novel that jumps off the shelf at you when your at the store to buy something else, the kind of novel that "finds" you. For me it's always nice to find out how great a new author is on my own, starting with their debut!

Nate and his pregnant girlfriend Sara are driving from Minnesota to Reno, seeking a new life for themselves and their baby. On a snowy night in Nebraska, they see a man in a cafe who is obviously very sick. Sara takes pity on the man and when the stranger offers them $500 for a ride into Omaha, the kids accept.

The three drive off into a major winter storm and are forced to seek refuge in a run-down motel out in the middle of nowhere. On getting out of the car, Nate and Sara discover to their horror that their passenger has died. They are further stunned to discover that the passenger, Syl, has over $2 million in cash in his suitcase.

This is the dilemma that the main characters Nate & Sara face at the beginning of this story. Most people would probably say no to giving a stranger a ride, but everyone's life situation is different. Life is all about choices and every choice has its consequences. As it's often said, one bad decision leads to another.

The amazing characters, nail biting plot and dark tone are just three reasons why I loved this book. Throw in a meth lab, a few betrayals, double crosses, a hitwoman and a great ending on top of that.

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