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BOOK REVIEW: Drawing: The Figure: Learn the classical approach to drawing the human form-step by step (How to Draw and Paint)

Title: Drawing: The Figure: Learn the classical approach to drawing the human form-step by step (How to Draw and Paint)

Author: Jacob Glaser

Publisher: Walter Foster

RRP: $12.99

ISBN: 9781600582059

Release Date: Dec 2011

Pages: 32


This guide makes it easy for aspiring artists to learn the classical approach to drawing the figure. Beginning with a study of human anatomy, accomplished artist and instructor Nathan Rohlander guides readers through proportion, gesture drawing, posing the model, laying in proportions, building up values, adding details, and more. Step-by-step projects allow readers to practice as they learn. The book also features a section on troubleshooting and a number of famous works for extra encouragement and inspiration.

About the Author

Nathan Rohlander is a fine artist and instructor living in South Pasadena, CA, with his artist wife, Amy Runyen. He holds an MFA in drawing and painting from California State University, Long Beach, and a BFA in illustration with honors from Art Center College of Design.


Drawing The Figure is a great little book in a series by well known artist and instructor, Jacob Glaser. I have collected four of these books and found the step by step instructions extremely helpful in gaining skills in drawing. There are around two hundred books in the Walter Foster series, so there are topics for just about every taste. The format of the books are such that you are given the finished picture to study, then images of how to create the picture through the different stages of drawing and painting.

The Figure is a great book for learning how to draw the human body and all of its gestures and movements.

The lessons in this book are; Tools and Materials, Gesture Drawing, Gesture and the Sketchbook, Measurement and Proportion, Construction Drawing, Contour Drawing, Cross Contour Drawing, Hands and Feet, Standing & Seated Figures in Graphite, Full-Value Charcoal Figure, Full-Value Subtractive Charcoal Figure, Using Earth Tones, Black and White on Toned Paper and The Figure and the Environment.

I found the steps quite easy to follow and the basic skills in the first few chapters to be very helpful and would benefit beginner artists.

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