Thursday, June 23, 2011

POETRY: The Tiny Angel That's With Me by Jason E. Hodges

Often I wonder how some people come to be in my life

At just the right moment they come waltzing in

At just the right time they help me pick up the pieces

The pieces of dreams that have fallen apart in my hands

Like an angel protecting the meek

The mild

The weak

Her voice seems clear and steady in the chaos my world has become

A world that now seems to be spinning in a spiral of confusion

A swirl of twisting hopes of better

I hear the true worry and concern in the softness of her words

When for years I’ve only heard silence

Her voice washes over my constant fear with kindness

With sympathy from the heart not from the typical rolodex of the mind

A rolodex of preconceived clichés of what is the right thing to say

Her sympathy comes from her innermost thoughts

A compassion that keeps the shadows from consuming my day

Walking a path with me few could bear and even fewer are invited

For most friendships are fine on the bright sunny days of normal

When everything runs smooth as a piston in an engine

But most friendships quickly fall away with the first signs of darkness

When the cold wind seems it will never stop blowing through my life

Through my thoughts

Through all that I cling to for security

When everyone else has dropped from me

The tiniest of friends now stand like giants

Stand beside me every step of the way

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